THIS is my God

Many times on the Race, we pray over our food before we eat, asking the Lord to bless it to our bodies. We have to rely on Him and trust that it’s not going to do anything bad to us, give us worms, etc. It’s just everyday life on the Race, and it involves a lot of choices.

It’s a choice to trust.

And when I hear the Lord’s voice whisper in my ear, “This is safe to eat, daughter – trust me,” my face breaks out in a smile and I get a little giddy. This is the great God I serve. He is able to make bad food into nourishment for our bodies. He is able to protect us from all forms of harm. But then I have to take the next step and actually take a bite. I need to initiate my trust in Him.

This doesn’t only happen with food.
It happens with the people we meet.

We don’t get to see much growth happen on the Race.
(Actually, that’s a lie. We see it in each other every single day.)
But in our ministries, in our conversations with strangers and those we meet, we are most often simply planting tiny little seeds that don’t seem significant to us in any way.
It’s hard. It sucks.
Because we all want to be the ones who reap, not sow.

Many times in the past months, I’ve found myself wondering, “Lord, why am I here? What are we really doing? Are we accomplishing anything? What’s the point of this?”

As we walk through different parts of the village every day, we do our best to talk with the villagers. Most of our conversation is conveyed through smiles, hand motions, and very broken English.

It’s difficult to hold a conversation, so often we just sit there with them until one of us thinks of something to say that the other might understand. I look at these precious people and I feel God’s heart yearning for them to come to Him. And as I sit there praying for them, I hear Him whisper, “I will do it.”

It brings me such hope and joy.
But then, that means I have a choice.
I must choose to trust what God says.
I must choose to trust that He will indeed complete this work in them, even if they have no idea who He is right now.

My job is to love.
My job is to engage.
My job is to trust.
My job is to let go, so others can come finish the work the Lord started through us. It’s crazy hard. But I have to trust that it’s worth it.

After all, this God who I serve, He is more than faithful, and He will do it.

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.
-Hebrews 11:1

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