They made an Impact on me

It’s amazing the impact that kids can have on you.
As I sit here crammed into the windowsill of our apartment, attempting to catch the WiFi signal from our neighbors (who have graciously provided us with their password so we don’t have to walk to the park every day), I am trying to process through these past few weeks.

I think of Manny, Evenecer, Escarlin, Willie, Jordie, Isabela, Natalia, Britny, and many other beautiful smiling faces that I won’t get to see every Monday – Thursday afternoon and attempt to teach them English.

The sweetness of children in their honest attempt to get to know you always astonishes me. They absolutely love learning that my parents names are “Don y Dawn” and they roll their eyes when I tell them I’m 25 years old…”aiyiyi…muy joven!” they tell me, to which I respond, “Aww…muchas gracias!” My frizzy red hair is “muy bonita” and as I hug Evenecer and Escarlin goodbye, Evenecer tells me she likes me very much and she and Escarlin want to accompany me on the walk back to the apartment just because it’s raining and they don’t want my hair to get wet (since I don’t have a rain jacket or an umbrella) :).

It’s little things like this that melt my heart. And the many hugs I receive do me well, too, since that’s my love language :).

It’s almost like I can see them as God sees them for a bit. I look at Manny and I know without a doubt that God has huge plans for him. He’s going to be a man after God’s own heart. He is full of life and laughter and high fives and all the craziness that’s normal for a 14-year-old 🙂 He really reminds me of my brothers, and I love it. I don’t know why, but he has a special place in my heart.

I also think of Miguela, Dilcia, Marisa, and Meco, who have all invited us over for many meals and made sure we drink lots of coffee doused soundly with sugar, which is the Dominican way to drink it. I will never forget their hospitality…the Dominican Republic definitely knows how to feed and serve each other and they live it out with such great love daily.

I don’t even really know what the purpose of writing this is…except to just let you in on a few of my thoughts and the people who have impacted us here.

I can hardly believe we’re leaving for Haiti on Monday. I am going to miss it here.

Your thoughts would look GOOD here :)