The Training Camp blog I didn’t want to write

I don’t know how to talk about Training Camp.
This is the 4th time I’ve attempted to write about it.
Nothing does it justice.
How do you describe something that was so HARD yet so good at the same time?
Just being honest, but I’m not really sure I liked training camp.

Don’t worry, it was GOOD.
We were challenged, stretched, built up, equipped, strengthened, encouraged, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and blown away by God’s presence.

We were put through crazy scenarios, endured torrential rain, saw healing happen before our eyes and experienced new freedom, had emotions healed, baggage removed and chains unlocked.

I love how God was so evident. He was THERE. He moved like crazy.

I feel so much more confident now.
But I’m still a wreck.

Future racers, know this. Training camp is hard.
It’s not meant to be a ride in the park.
It’s training. It’s preparation. It’s Kingdom.
The goal is to raise you up, not just let you coast along.

You will discover that your squad is a blessing.
The people of J Squad blew me away.
We are one huge, green, resilient FAMILY.


Talk about instant connections, instant friends, and lots of fun!


There will be weird foods and no coffee.
Coffee lovers, bring VIA instant coffee packets.
You’ll see staff and leaders walking around with their coffee and you’ll wish you had some.
Trust me on that.

You will pack, unpack, set up, take down, re-pack, carry, unpack, set up, take down, re-pack, re-pack, re-pack.
Know your pack. Be familiar with your gear. Practice.

You don’t want to be caught in a torrential downpour praying that you set your rainfly up correctly because you’ve never done it before. You want to be sure about your gear. Test it, try it out, pack it up, carry it around.
You will do this constantly at Training Camp.


Everyone is different. Bring what you love and what makes you YOU.
Be ready to get DIRTY.
Everyone else around you will be sweaty, too, and it’s okay not to shower every day.
You’ll actually miss out on some quality time with your new squadmates if you choose to shower every night.

Training Camp is full of learning, full of testing, full of bonding and strengthening and love.
Your squad leaders LOVE you.
They’ve been there.
They will call you out into greatness immediately.
Take everything in stride.
Learn to go with the flow even when it doesn’t make any sense.
Even when you’re scared.
Step out and trust God.
He has GREATER for you.

Going to Training Camp has made it harder for me to leave. It won’t be a piece of cake.
It’s going to be a challenge.
I know I need to grow.
Sometimes I just wish it wasn’t so hard.

I’ve been asking God to work in me.
I know He is, but it’s really hurting right now.
We had a night where we practiced prophesying. Really?? Yes, really!
One of the girls told me that when she asked God about me, He gave her the image of a budding flower.
Wow. I can’t even tell you how much that resonated.
God is in the process of molding me, and I am growing and slowly opening up.
I need to trust even when it’s hard.


I want to be all in.
And right now I’m struggling, and it’s really hard to admit.
Would you pray for me?
I need a huge dose of encouragement, peace, and wisdom.

As you can tell, Training Camp was crazy and all over the place.

It’s great preparation.
I know God has so much GOOD in store; this is just the beginning.

Future racers, trust the process. Do your best to be fully present.
Don’t believe the lie when satan tells you that you’re not good enough or when he tries to slam your body image or tell you that no one could really love you or that you’re not good enough.
Those are straight-up LIES.

Expect God to show up HUGE and rip those chains off you.
Go all in. You will be challenged and yes, I can’t promise you’ll like it.
But you will have fun and you will make friends.
It might happen more slowly than you expect, but don’t worry.
Trust God. He’s called you, He’s with you, He’ll never leave you.

No matter the feeling, the situation, He’s BIGGER.

Thanks for being such rockstars in my life, I love you ALL!

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