The day we met Dora

Today, after hiking a little Dominican mountain, we were returning to our apartment and passed by a little store on the corner, where we stopped for some soda.

This was the moment that we saw Dora.

She is the cutest, most precious old woman I have ever seen.

Her dark brown skin is covered in wrinkles, and her silver-grey hair was cloaked by a white cloth bandana. One look into her grey-green-brown eyes knew she held many stories…we gazed into the deepest depths of insight, experience and love.

And oh how this woman loved. She loved us from the moment we walked in. She clasped onto our hands and rubbed our arms over and over….it was instant love.

It was only a few minutes after we first met that we noticed she was crying. We asked what was wrong and discovered she had a daughter who was dying in the hospital. We knew instantly that we were supposed to pray for her, so we did.

Precious Dora hunched over the counter, clasping our hands that covered her hands and arms and shoulders, and she cried. The tears kept coming in streams down her weathered, wrinkled face…each one of those lines told a life story. Oh how she grieved for her daughter…this much was so evident. We prayed, covering her and her daughter with God’s peace and healing. We could feel God’s hand here.

Oh, how He loves this sweet woman and her family.

After we finished praying, we noticed another woman standing behind us. Her name is Doris, another of Dora’s daughters. She, like her mother, is a woman of great faith, and kept proclaiming over and over the goodness of God, putting this trial with her sister’s sickness into perspective with how much the Lord has provided over the years.

She told us that Dora is over 90 years old, and is rarely sick.
Dora is a very strong woman. She has seen and experienced so much.
God is in love with her.
I could see Him smiling over her.
She is precious in His sight…He is pleased with her.
As we spoke these words over Dora, the tears never stopped streaming down her face. Oh, this sweet woman broke my heart in so many ways.

Doris then asked us if we could pray for her…she had a headache and hadn’t slept well the previous night, and she looked very tired and her eyes were bloodshot.

Healing is one of my team’s ministries…this is something that God has been showing me. My teammate Jessica gets fire in her hand when someone needs healing, and she said at this moment she felt it extremely powerfully. She laid her hand on Doris’ forehead, and then we all laid hands on her and prayed.

I could see and feel the Holy Spirit moving…I knew He was doing something. Jessica felt the fire move and release twice, both powerfully, and after we finished praying, Doris told us the headache was gone and that she was a little dizzy. No kidding…the Holy Spirit was working! Her red eyes now looked clearer, and I could see peace in her face. I love how God works so simply, even for just a mere headache.

This is how I know He’s going to do huge things in and through this family. God’s hand is all over them.

I clasped Dora’s hands once more, and I didn’t want to let go. This woman is absolutely precious and adored by God. As Morgan and I said goodbye to her, she grabbed our hands and pulled them to her cheeks, kissing them and holding them against her face as she once again started to weep. I couldn’t help but start to pray for God’s peace to overflow, for the Holy Spirit to fill her and strengthen her and renew her faith and trust in Him. He is HEALER. He is ABLE.


Dora, the Lord has used you to do a work in my heart. I am humbled by your great love for your family and your warm acceptance of those who walk through your doors. You’ve worked hard and toiled long…you’ve loved strongly and always…and you’ve put your faith in the Lord. He sees that.

He is so proud of her.

Please join us in continuing to pray for Dora’s daughter who is dying in the hospital. I believe the Lord wants to and is going to heal her. I believe us stumbling upon Dora’s little store was no coincidence but ordained by God. He showed His power in healing the small things like a headache, and He is at work in this family.

Pray that this family is showered with Jesus’ love and that they see Him work in mighty ways and that their faith is greatly increased and restored.

Dora’s face will stay with me forever. I can still feel her hands in mine and feel her take my hand, kiss it, and place it against her weathered cheek. It humbles me in a way I can’t even begin to describe…and it did something to my heart. I felt the Lord place in me a deep love and tenderness that I haven’t felt before.

This is just the beginning of the great things the Lord is doing.
I can’t wait to see what else He’s going to do.
He is GOOD. He is on the move. 🙂

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