The Entrance of the King

Something the Lord has been doing in me on the Race is simply telling me to write.

I never know what it looks like when I sit down with my journal or my computer, but I simply start writing.
It might sound a bit strange, but then He’ll inspire things in me.

I wrote this a couple weeks ago…and I’m getting really raw and vulnerable with you all,
because the Lord is telling me to share this with you and it scares me!

But because He said so…here goes. It’s not completed. It’s probably missing details. So please bear with me!


Entrance of the King
Tension is heavy in the air—the throne room is packed full of people of every race—each eagerly awaiting the coming of their King. The room is built like an amphitheater, so no one has a poor view. It is a large room, but intimately set. You wouldn’t know that millions of people wait here…such a huge audience, but there is a place set for everyone. No one goes unnoticed. Everyone is cared for and shown to their seats. The shuffle of shoes is heard on the floor as the latecomers slip into their seats. No one shoves or pushes or protests; the anticipation is clear. No one speaks. There is a thick silence. When will He come? What will He look like? What will He wear? Will He look at ME?

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