Romania cries for hope

Romania is a place where
cars and motorcycles coexist with horse-pulled carts
fields of green melt into plains of gold
tiny daisies, bright orange and purple wildflowers
combine to create a subtle tapestry of infinite beauty
seen from a hill above the tile-roofed town
overlooking a panorama of communities and farms
full of God’s beautiful children
lost in life
lost in the ways they’ve always known
not knowing any better
yet there is a cry
it is small at the moment but I sense it will grow
so much simplicity
so much gentle beauty
the beauty of so many smiles masked by so many frowns
so much hopelessness
as I hear the horse’s hooves clip-clop along the paved street
and I gaze out of this window
I see the sun
shining as always
and it is a promise
this will not always be the way things are
hope is coming
hope is rising
it will start small
it begins with one person
maybe a child who hears the name of Jesus
and tells his parents


then slowly the domino effect begins as one person turns into two
which turns into three and four and five
a wave will slowly grow
the tide will turn
but it is a slow process and one that can be so discouraging.

This southern area of Romania is called the “graveyard for pastors.” It is so very hard to start churches here…so very hard to find people who are receptive to the Gospel. Jesus is just waiting to shine His love here…and it’s starting with the little ones. They are the ones who know instinctively the truth, and they are the ones who will tell their families, and in turn change their communities with the love of Christ.


I had the chance these past couple days to visit two villages with Marian, one of the missionaries who I’ve been working closely with this week.


He is spread thin in ministry, with a lot of work to do and “not enough workers.”
He is longing for people to come join him,
who can live in these villages and be there for the people.
His heart is incredible. It is inspiring.
He loves these kids in such a real way, like a father.
He is just 29, husband to his beautiful wife Andrea and father to 2 amazing children.
Their heart to serve sets such an example for each one of us—I want that same heart.


The best way we can support the missionaries here is through prayer.
For them, prayer is more important than financial support, because they believe that when people pray, that’s when the Spirit moves, hearts are softened, eyes are opened, Kingdom is brought, and everything else falls into place after that.
Pray that workers would come to join them here in Southern Romania.
Pray that they would not be discouraged but would persevere and have an even greater increase of faith.
Pray that people would be found in each village who will accept Christ and shine His love throughout their villages.
Pray for Jesus’ love and truth to break through the barrier of the Orthodox faith—it creates a dead and lifeless atmosphere.
Pray against opposition from the Orthodox priests, that they would allow the children to come and spend time with Marian and the other missionaries.

Pray for FREEDOM to reign in Southern Romania!

Pray for wisdom and energy for each of the missionaries here—they have an extremely busy life and for some it is a constant fight to find a healthy balance between ministry and their own relationship with their families and the Lord.

Thanks, all! I love you!

From jesseischens.theworldrace.orgJess 🙂

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