Ride Like the Wind

Jesus spoke this to my soul yesterday. Let these words sink deep into you…hear them, let their truth soak into you and may new life spring up inside of you. May you have new courage and boldness to step into all that God is calling you into. He believes in You. He’s calling you. He’s asking you to step out and trust Him, maybe again when you feel like it’s too hard this time. He loves you. Oh how He loves you!

Though the way is murky, I am with you.
Your feet, encased with mud, slip and trip you up…yet still you continue on, because you know it’s worth it.
This journey is worth it.
You won’t learn anything if you don’t step forward.
I know you don’t like waiting…but that doesn’t mean stopping.
What you think is preventing you from seeing is simply another way I’m saying,
“Not yet.”
I’m asking you to trust me…
…let down your guard, let me break down the walls you’ve built up around yourself again.
Trust my timing, because it is perfect.
I hear your prayers.
I LOVE your prayers.
I hear your heart and I feel how you long to be in tune with me.
I LOVE this. This is how I made you. I love you.
You are not made to sit around.
You are not a timid spirit.

You’re made to smash down walls and strongholds.
You’re made to tame lions and ride them like the wind.
You’re made to laugh in the face of roaring demons and silence them with one word,
My name,


You’re made to dance upon the slithering cobra.
You’re made to giggle in delight at my brilliant sunsets,
how a sunrise highlights the edges of the mountains, glistening perfectly…
…like sparkling diamonds upon the rivers and the lakes.

You’re made to hug your friends and delight in their presence as I delight in you.
You’re made to welcome me into every place you go…
…into every house, every hospital room, every restaurant, every coffee shop.
Because you go, a light shines.
Because you listen, atmosphere shifts.
Because you say yes and allow Me to move freely, chains are broken.
Not will be or may be, but ARE.

Release from captivity is yours in MY name.
I did not make you to be timid.

Your prayers matter. Your words matter. Your actions matter.
Change happens. And my light shines brightly when you focus on me.
Freedom is coming.
Heaven on earth.
Light overcomes darkness.
Every time, without fail, the light of My love wins.
Freedom is coming.

“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” – 1 Peter 5:7

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