Padre Las Casas!

Hey guys! Here are my journal entries from the past couple of days 🙂 Enjoy!

Today we arrived at the town of Padre Las Casas, Dominican Republic. We took an hour’s drive from our contact Miguel’s house in San Juan up the mountain. We were introduced to our host, Meco, and our translator Mayi, and told we have our own apartment this month! No air conditioning, of course, but lots of open windows, a constant cool breeze, and a couple of fans works out just fine. We have our own living room, a little dining area, a tiny kitchen, and 3 bedrooms, enough for us to sleep 3 girls to a room so our translator Mayi, who is living with us this month, too, can have her own room.

It’s a pretty awesome setup, especially since we weren’t sure what we would be encountering this month. We’ll have to provide our own meals from the town market, and get our own water, but we’re pretty happy with it (actually, we’re THRILLED!).

We still have absolutely no idea what we’re going to be doing…but we’re rolling with it. I’m praying…because I know God has a good plan for us this month. He already gave us a gift in getting to ride in the bed of the truck on the way up the mountain. I’ve always wanted to do that, so that made me really excited! It’s the little things!

The adventure begins! Today we met with our contact, Meco, who is the pastor of a Mennonite church here in Padre Las Casas (he made sure to tell us that they’re not like the Amish, though…) and we actually are going to be working with a Compassion International compound this month teaching what we know, which is pretty much English and art, and helping them with the ninos (kids).

That is AWESOME. We had no idea what we would be doing, and while I’m sure it will be a challenge for us in learning how to teach, we’re looking forward to serve these sweet Dominican people. And just the fact that we’re surprised with getting to work with Compassion is pretty exciting for me!

We’re figuring this thing out! A lot of it will take time as we get to know each other as a team, grow closer together, and get to know our hosts and get used to being here and what our roles will really end up being like.

It’s a lot of unknown…and the language barrier is a bummer, but I am loving the fact that I can understand some things with the broken Spanish that I know. I really wish I could communicate better!

Before I forget, I wanted to also introduce you to my team. Here is a picture we took while we were at our training camp in Georgia. From left: Amanda, Annie, me, Amber, Jessica, Morgan.


God has handpicked each of us to be on this team, that much has been obvious. We each have different gifts and strengths, and while we’re still working on getting to know each other and becoming used to each other’s personalities and ways of doing things, I can see many reasons for this team being put together. As I get to know these beautiful ladies more in depth, I will tell you more about them!

Pictures will come later of us and of the people in Padre Las Casas. Our desire is to build relationships with them first (and it’s a cultural thing, too). We want to respect the culture, do life with these people, laugh with them, shine Christ’s love and serve in any way we can. So bear with me…it may be a little while before I can get you pictures, but as soon as I have them, know that I can’t wait to share with you what I am experiencing here!

Being here in the DR reminds me very much of everything Caribbean, yet everything Mexican, with some sort of unique twist. It’s going to be exciting to see where this month leads.

I love you all so dearly! Be blessed, and know that I’m thinking of you all so often! Please let me know, too, how I can pray for you, and send me emails so I can stay updated on your lives!

Lots of love,
Jess 🙂

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