Oh hello, Christmas!

I always get this feeling around Christmas time. It’s like this warm, snuggly, feel-good-all-over type of feeling. It took me a while longer to feel this way this year, but I suspect that’s because since I’m in Malaysia and not surrounded by snow like I would be at home. 🙂

I just kicked my Christmas feelings into gear by looking at pictures of home with snow and playing Christmas music 🙂

You may think it’s hard to be away from home for Christmas, and you would be right.

However, it’s a good place to be. It makes you put everything into perspective.

  • I can’t believe how thankful I am for the family the Lord has given me.
  • I’m amazed by how blessed I am by my friends.
  • I realize the true comfort of home.
  • I truly love the traditions my family shares at Christmas.
  • I begin to understand what it means to be “at home” no matter where I am, because I have Jesus, and He is always constant.

It’s all about Jesus!

He’s the reason we live, and move, and have our being. (Acts 17:28)
He’s why we even celebrate Christmas.
It’s not about the presents, even though they are a great perk 🙂

He came as a baby, so small in his manger…
The shepherds and wise men marveled at this little babe
They wondered, “How could he be the King?”
“Is He really the one who will save us?”
Jesus’ parents, Mary and Joseph, trusted what God had told them.
Jesus grew up strong,
with carpenter’s hands,
seasoned by long hours of manual labor.

He knew His purpose in life,
He knew what His Heavenly Father had called Him to do,
Yet He waited for the doors to open, for the right time.
When the time was right, He stepped into His ministry.

He called His disciples,
They followed Him.
His miracles astounded many,
And He glorified God through all of it.
He prayed constantly,
Listening for His Father’s voice and obeying what He said.
He followed the Holy Spirit’s leading.

He loved with every breath,
Even to the last breath on the cross,
When He gave His life for us and shed His blood so we could be free of our sins.

Ah, what a beautiful Savior!
What incredible sacrifice.
Precious Jesus.
Born in a manger, it’s what we celebrate this Christmas.

Thank you for coming to earth for us, for me.
Come Easter, we’ll celebrate You being faithful even when it meant dying on the cross,
but then You rose again from the dead,
what glorious victory!
Death is defeated, the grave made nothing.
All because You came as a little babe.
Sent to save us, obedient and faithful.
Thank you, Jesus.

What a God we serve!

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