Ode to Haiti

It’s been quite the experience here in Haiti. A lot has gone down. It’s hard to even begin to put into words all that the Lord has done here. Yesterday I wrote this “Ode to Haiti” in my journal, and wanted to post it here. God is on the move here, but it is a REAL battle against sickness and we are exhausted but persevering through our final days here.

White clouds rising like wings
of an angel or eagle
Soaring wide and high
across the azure sky
Silky grey sea
mixes with a dusty haze
that covers blue-green mountain hills
Palm fronds whisper in the breeze
The air fills with the laughter
of children
Your presence, O God, invades
and darkness hides its face
Victory is coming, little Haiti
Jesus fights for you
Sickness holds us down for
but a moment until
Holy Spirit power RAINS
and healing comes
Pain and struggle is
Hospitals turn to light
as Holy Spirit invades
with MIGHT and JOY
LIFE breaks out in FULL FORCE
Rejoice, O Haiti, because the
end of darkness’s dominion is near
The devil’s grasp is fading and
he knows it only too well
It’s why he fights so hard
Haiti is a battleground
But there will be one victor –
Voodoo – eradicated
Demons – annihilated and cast out
Haiti for HEAVEN
Cursed no more
Redeemed, renewed, restored
O little Haiti, hang on
Keep fighting, truth is coming
Dawn is breaking
Jesus fights for you
His love for you is FEROCIOUS
Turn your face to Him
Look to Him and BE HEALED
Holy Spirit, RAIN DOWN on
this place
Haiti, be healed in Jesus’ name.

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