Newsflash! Not going to Thailand…?!

…well, not for my first month, anyway! Whew! Don’t worry, I’m still going. Just not for a few months.

J Squad has just been informed that our tickets have been purchased………
*cue dramatic pause*
………. dun dun dun ………
to the Dominican Republic!

So that’s where we’ll be for our first month in September, the DR!
Then in October we’ll be in Haiti,
and for month 3 (November) we’ll fly to Thailand
(so I still get to go there, wahoo!)

I have to admit, it’s taking my heart a little adjusting. My brain has to reconfigure all its planning a bit.
But I also have to admit that for some reason I wasn’t super excited about Thailand being the first month, and I couldn’t put my finger on why, because those who know me know that I LOVE THAILAND.

It is weird, but upon hearing that we’re going to the DR first, Haiti second, and Thailand third, I’m already way more excited about it than I was yesterday. Funny how that works, huh?

Perks about going to the DR first:

  1. The flight won’t be as long, woohoo! (We might still be in the airport a while, but at least the flight isn’t 15 hours long 😉 Not yet, anyway!)
  2. They speak Spanish there, so I have a slight chance of understanding some words and brushing up on my very horribly rusty and unused Spanish-speaking skills
  3. No crazy time zone change for the first couple months, which is nice…they’re only about 1 hour ahead of us here in Minnesota 😉
  4. It means I get to be in Haiti in October, which could be perfect to see some missionary friends there, if it’s at all possible 🙂

So…this goes on my list of ways that God has surprised me over these past 9 months. It’s kinda funny.

In lieu of not having any expectations for this month…knowing that I’m going to the DR first gets me excited, because I know I have the potential to serve in orphanages and refugee camps, and my heart’s desire is just to get to love on kids and people all day. To serve them and love them and play with them and make them smile and giggle and know Jesus’ love for them.

This would be a great start to the Race. We’ll see what God has in store, because it could be anything! But I’m excited for this change!

As a result,
Please bear with me when you ask me where I’m going and I tell you,
“Well, I’m not really sure…”
Because truth be told, I know my route, but it’s in the process of being switched up…and who knows, it’s could totally do 10 more little switcharoos before the 11 months are done.
I was told that we won’t know for sure if we’re actually going to a country until we’re standing in it.
Haha! That gives some perspective. They really want us to learn to be flexible in everything that we do.


So…all this is to say that, really…
I have no idea where I’m going, when I’m going there, or what I’m going to do while I’m there.
It’s all up to God as He leads us.

I guess I’ll see what’s next around the corner, and I’ll let you know more when I know more! 😛

One thing I do know, though:
1st stop, Dominican Republic!

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