My Cambodian Grandpa

This is Kong Seang (pronounced Koh-ng See-eh-ng). The Cambodian version of my grandpa.


First impressions are not always right.
His brown-leathered skin and solemn expression tell a tale of their own, yet not the whole story.
Joy enters immediately when this man laughs.
I wish I could bottle up his laughter, so you could hear it 🙂
It’s the type of laugh that makes you laugh even though you don’t know what’s funny. Just because he’s laughing, you laugh.

Here’s proof 😛


He’s constantly joking, and then proceeds to laugh hilariously. It cracks me up at how much he enjoys his own jokes.

He made me a little homesick, because his sense of humor and bouts of laughter reminded me so much of one of my favorite men on the planet: my Papa.

Papa taught me sarcasm and humor from a very young age.

From From
(Can you tell? :-P)

He’s always encouraged me in my writing, and keeps telling me that I’m going to write the world’s greatest novel someday.
It’s this kind of encouragement that has kept me motivated, kept me writing.
I love him and my gramma so very much.


So naturally when I first met Kong Seang, my heart was made happy instantly.

There is a natural hunger in this man for more.
A curiosity. A spark. Forward momentum.
This man will know the love of Jesus.

The seed is planted. It will be watered, and eventually, break through the broken ground of this man’s beautiful, time-hardened, weathered heart.


I can’t wait until the natural joy that is in him overflows with the love of Christ.

The country of Cambodia rests on hearts like these.
The hearts of the elderly, who have seen and experienced so much more than any person should,
and the hearts of the little children,
who have the potential to rise up and change this nation with the love of Jesus.

I wish Kong Seang and my Papa could meet, because I’m pretty sure they would really enjoy each other. Plus, there would be lots of laughter and joking, which is always a good thing :).

Cambodia, you’ve been really good to me. I haven’t had much internet, and our life has been simple this month: teaching English, walking through rice fields, enjoying the peace and quiet that comes from a place so far removed from busy-paced city life.

I love it. There is something incredibly special about the Cambodian people.
The Lord is at work here, and I can’t wait to see this nation rise up.


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