Mountains, stars and bonfires, oh my!

Being here in the mountains of Swaziland is refreshing.
It’s like a little piece of heaven.

The view holds something incredible all on its own. Words cannot describe the beauty of this place. How the river winds into the mountain foothills, while the peaks of the many mountains first tinge a hazy blue, then purple or gray, depending on the weather and time of day. The green hills sprinkled with rocks are situated on both sides, and the sun sets directly in the middle of the perfectly peaked triangle just to my left.


As my squadmate Kevin put it jokingly, but seriously, “It’s almost like God created this place!”

This place is a dream come true. It feels like I’m here with a bunch of close friends on a camping trip. There is something so sublime about a campfire.

We are enjoying bonfires almost every night. Huddled together around the fire, we laugh at campfire jokes, pray together and worship our King. The experience comes complete with a mesmerizing appearance of stars to light up our nights – amid mountain peak shadows and whispering breezes – this couldn’t be more perfect.

This month, the Lord has been telling me to write and to rest. It’s been an incredible blessing and how I wish I could share this time with my friends back home. Yet I know the Lord has placed an incredible group of people to be here with me right now. In fact, He handpicked them. He chose the girls on my team and those on the 2 other teams to be here with us. I have friends to build bonfires with, we go hiking and exploring, and each day we fall more in love with this place.

El Shaddai is a sanctuary, a treasure trove, an amazing blessing, a small piece of heaven on earth. If this is even a pinch of what heaven will be like…I can’t even begin to imagine all that heaven will be! 😀

Here, atop this mountain, I’m finding inspiration. I feel like I’m supposed to share this with you…so here goes:

A poem
I sit here upon the rocks, mesmerized
The distant hills a haze of smoky-blue,
Creating a juxtaposition between the green hills and the almost-white sunshine
Close to the heavens, I breathe in,
The winds whirling around my face,
Pulling my hair in all directions
as the sun warms my skin and makes rosy my cheeks.
I gaze upward in delight
I am alive
Today the Lord has given me breath
My lungs delight in the feel of the fresh mountain air
My thoughts turn to the many bonfires,
Anticipating the stars’ arrival tonight as dusk nears
And the sun descends closer to the mountain peak
Where it nightly makes its final explosion into color
And sinks to the other side of earth to light their day
And allow the moon and stars to rise and light our night.
Cows low in the distance,
My ears tune to the far whisper of a lonely waterfall,
A rooster crows, a bird calls, a cricket chirps.
A peaceful quiet surrounds this mountain sanctuary.
The river winds its way through the cascading mountain valleys,
And I wonder where it leads.
The lowering sun shines upon the tall wheat stalks, casting wavering shadows upon the rock as I sit, basking in the beauty of the late afternoon laziness.
I delight in days like this.
Thank you Jesus!


<3 🙂


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