Love can’t be bought with chocolates and roses

Tuesday was Valentine’s Day, and I learned something. No longer did it have to be a day about girlfriends and boyfriends and who has one and who doesn’t, who has a date, who could care less about V-day, all of that.

That day, I learned that Valentine’s Day is about love, most prominently the strong love of friendship, and the undying, passionate love of Christ for each one of us. Yes, that means YOU.

My friends Rachel and Sara set this night up for a few of us gals.

Dress code: Sweatpants and a cute scarf.

We each brought some food and came to enjoy each other’s company.

What we got was some awesome fellowship and fun, and a whole lot of love from God.
Rachel had each of our names written on a piece of paper taped up on the walls around the kitchen and living room. Our goal, to write something that we love, admire, and know to be true about each person. This is an amazing thing because throughout your lifetime you’ll get told you’re cute, or someone loves how you did your hair, or that you’re amazing, but it doesn’t really stick with you. At least it doesn’t for me. I’ve always just plain SUCKED at taking compliments to heart. I just don’t have any idea how to really accept them and soak them into myself as truth. It’s something I struggle with, and I realize it, and I’m trying, because I really do appreciate the compliments, it’s just hard for me to really recognize the truth behind it, because I see myself every day and I know all of my faults and failures.
Rachel put up some attributes of the Proverbs 31 woman as some good places to start, and it was the coolest thing to be a part of.
At the end of the night, it was amazing — each one of us had written such unique, beautiful, incredible things about the other women in the room.
And one by one we went around and read someone’s paper to them, voicing and affirming those truths out loud, telling it to them. It was SO COOL. To think, to know, that each one of us has friends who believe these things about us.

I’m learning to believe good things, TRUTH, about myself and especially about God and who He is…even if I don’t feel it. Sometimes, even if I don’t know it and can’t comprehend it. It’s STILL true. That truth doesn’t go anywhere just because I can’t feel it or don’t see it.

This is a HUGE thing.
God’s love spans the universe. It knows no bounds. He SINGS over us. He sings over you. He delights to be with you. He doesn’t find fault with you. He is DELIGHTED in you. Imagine that! What an amazing God we serve. I for one, know that I am blessed with an incredible community of friends, and I have some really amazing, quality girlfriends who I know will be here for me no matter what. You can’t buy that kind of love with chocolates and roses. It’s the kind of long-lasting, persevering love that we have with God, and that God gives to good friends.

This is the kind of love I expect on The World Race. I know that when God is involved, love abounds and it’s exhilarating! I can’t wait to love on my future teammates and squadmates, the missionaries we work with, the people we meet…and to grow in leaps and bounds in recognizing Jesus’ love for me. I love love. And I want to love well. Lord, thank you for showing me such incredible love! Please keep teaching me to love as you love. That’s all I want!

Please don’t miss out on this video. Worship along with it. Hear the heart of God and KNOW the depth of His love for you! It’s real, and He won’t ever quit loving you.

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