Losing weight

**Warning…it’s about to get real, people. Keep reading at your own risk.

There’s something that happens to you when you find out there is a strict weight limit on an inter-Asia flight.

  1. You get frustrated, because you wonder why we can’t just take the bus and avoid all of this hassle.
  2. You start to freak out, because this means you need to drop some items…and your entire life is inside of your bags for the rest of the year, which leaves you wondering how on earth you really can cut down on size.


Now, imagine this. You discover that your sleeping pad is missing.
Oh crap.

This is just an added bonus.
How the heck did this happen?
Somewhere in the middle of traveling to the hostel where you’ll leave from for the airport, you’ve lost your nice, expensive, durable, comfy sleeping pad.

The hazard lights come on and you might as well signal the ambulance,
because you’re starting to freak out.

Yes, I know, it’s just a sleeping pad.
But…it’s also my bed for a year and was quite the investment.

This whole scenario just happened about a half hour ago. Now I’m sitting here at the coffee shop across the street from the hostel, trying to unwind, not stress, not freak out on everyone, and handle this calmly. It’s just a thing. It can be replaced.

It’s funny, though. I just finished telling Morgan this morning how I would be okay with losing my tent but just not my sleeping bag and sleeping pad because those are really important. Oh, the irony.

God, you have a sense of humor and when I’m not seeing red,
I’m sure I’ll think it’s funny, too.

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