Let’s talk about my team :)

I haven’t written anything hard-core about my team yet, but I figured it’s about time. You see, my team, the ladies of Jehovah Nissi, have been together for 3 months. Our squad just went through a round of team changes, and the Lord has seen fit to keep us together for at least a few more months.

This is such a blessing.

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I wouldn’t have believed you 3 months ago if you would have told me I would love these ladies this much. I had a ton of reservations about this team. Sure, I knew deep in my brain that the Lord was going to move and that He had some reason to put us together, but I didn’t care or desire to see it. I was mad at God for putting me on the same team as these ladies. I though He had made a mistake. I didn’t have much in common with any of them, and just purely and simply, wanted a different team. I thought I knew best.

And now I don’t want to part with them, ever. Funny how God works, eh?

The ladies of Team Jehovah Nissi (which means “The Lord is our banner, the Lord goes before us) would like to reintroduce ourselves to you officially as Team Joy’l, which stands for “the oil of joy.” This past month, joy has become ingrained into our team culture and we want more of it! We will always hold the days of Jehovah Nissi in our hearts, but we are entering a new season of joy and going deeper in our relationships with each other and the Lord, hence the name change. We’ve also had a slight switch-a-roo: Annie is getting a break in leadership and Morgan is stepping up into her role.

I am still the treasurer, so never fear, Jess is here 🙂

Okay, let me tell you about these lovely ladies on my team.

First comes our new leader, Morgan 🙂
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This lady emanates JOY. She’s the reason for our new team name, and if there’s one word to describe her, that’s it, but there is SO MUCH MORE to her. Morgan’s facial expressions are priceless. She is a bundle of energy, a rock for our whole team, a beautiful gem who the Lord is so stunningly and perfectly refining. She gives me hugs even though that’s not her love language. She dances goofily, loves on little kids like crazy even though she thought she hated them, LOVES Halloween and everything black and orange, and serves incredibly selflessly in everything she does. She has the ability to see right through me, and I’m SO GRATEFUL she’s on my team!

Next is Annie 🙂
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This girl rocks my socks off and keeps me on my toes daily. She and I are a LOT alike. We crave alone time and love to be outdoors and in nature. She’s like a little sister to me. Annie is beautiful inside and out. She looks like a blonde Californian beach babe and surprises you with her goofy grin, boyish laugh, intense passion for the Lord and her deep wisdom. Annie is a free spirit and extremely adventurous. She has an innate curiosity about everything, loves to explore, and is rarely afraid of anything, although occasionally she can be grossed out 🙂 She was our leader for 3 months and has given her heart and herself to our team and I love her so much!

This is Amber 🙂
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She is a surprise in a box…a gift that just keeps on giving. My first impression was that she was extremely quiet. But over these past few months, this girl has emerged and I am in love with her giggle, the fact that she has an intense, super-awesome relationship with the Lord, she is extremely wise and experienced with spiritual things, and she prays with FIRE. She hates shopping as much as I do, so she’s become my walking/market buddy because we both like to see everything but not linger a long time in one place. She is not a morning person, which endears her even more to me, since you all know how much I LOVE mornings 😛 She is drawn to everything sparkly, she poses for every picture, and has one of the most uniquely awesome personalities I have ever met…she is awesome and I love her TONS!

Here’s Jessica.
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This girl and I don’t have much in common (or at least we didn’t at the start of the Race!) but the Lord put us on the same team to learn from each other. Seriously, it’s true. She has so much wisdom and discernment from the Lord, and her love for Jesus is incredible. The Lord speaks to her constantly and because of that, she has taught me so much about Him already and has been a big catalyst in helping me to grow in discernment and prophecy. God has big things for this girl and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for her. Jessica loves to cook and bake and has been essential in keeping our team fed 🙂 We share a strong love for coffee, too, which definitely bonds us! She is a blessing and as I’m learning and getting to know her, the Lord is showing me what a treasure and a joy she is. I’m grateful to have her on my team and to call her friend!

This is Amanda 🙂

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I love this girl. She has the best laugh and she makes some of the best sounds I’ve ever heard. She is scared of spiders and bugs and when she’s around one or threatened by one, the sound that comes out of her mouth always makes me almost die laughing every time. Amanda has the Lord’s favor all over her and He has blessed her with incredible wisdom and insight! She loves photography and is our team videographer. She adores kids, we share a love for coffee, are Lord of the Rings nerds together, plus, she and I were able to experience the lantern festival in Thailand together, which was a dream come true for both of us. She also loves Christmas and has carried Christmas decorations with her for 4 months, so no worries, we’ll be celebrating Christmas in style in Malaysia this month! I love this lady!

The Lord sure has blessed me with an incredible team. He definitely knows what I need.

Team Joy’l, everybody 🙂

From jesseischens.theworldrace.org

P.S. Check out Amanda’s video from our time in Thailand! 🙂

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