Jesus, you’re my superhero, you’re my star, my best friend!!!

*Disclaimer: This is about to be the cheesiest, silliest, dorkiest blog post of all time, but I can’t help it. Here goes 😛


Tehehe…this song has a way of getting stuck in my head at the most RANDOM times, and for some reason whenever I am down, or fighting feeling the blues, or just going about my day, this song plays tunes in my head. Hehe. I was just reminiscing about it, because it pops into my head so randomly and makes me laugh every time, remembering the crazy skits we did for the kids in Belize and the hand motions to the song. I don’t remember everything about it, but I sure remember doing the “fly like Superman” move and feeling silly and goofy, but hey, as long as you make kids smile and have fun, it’s all worth it 🙂

For those of you who have known me a long time, you will recognize this song as the one that was introduced to a bunch of us during our Senior year of High School, as we prepared to go on a mission trip to Corozal, Belize!

This is me on that trip. Can you believe it? I’m sexy with that short hair, let me tell ya…oooof. There are just some things that you regret in life. This is one of them. I thought I would rock the short hair. And I made the brilliant decision to cut it short right before I graduated. I’m SO SMART! Thankfully I didn’t cut my hair before my senior pictures, so I still have some good ones.

Speaking of…this is one of my senior pictures, taken back in 2005, so 7 years ago (WOW, time flies!).


Can you tell I like smiley faces, haha?! For the record, I still love this pic, because it is just ME. It’s hilarious, and I’m slightly embarrassed about it, and no, I don’t go around in those smiley face pajamas anymore, or wear that smiley face necklace, or those lovely lime green fuzzy slippers (they were my favorite!), BUT I do have to say that I still have that pillow and umbrella, and … you will love to see my passport picture, because I was so smart at this age that I slicked back my hair and wore that bright yellow shirt to take my picture, which is now forever ingrained into my passport. Yippee. I’m so cool. 😛

I hope you can laugh at me and with me on this one! I was such a cute little homeschooler. Thankfully unless I admit it these days, no one would know. I actually loved being homeschooled, and if you have any questions about what my life was like as a homeschooler, you can please refer the video at the end of this post for some entertainment and some truth about homeschoolers. My mom was a rockstar and thanks to her and my dad, my siblings and I do not fall into the homeschooler stereotype. Contrary to popular opinion sometimes, we’re actually pretty cool 🙂


So yeah, that’s a little of my past and some entertainment for ya. Hope you enjoy! 😀

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