J Squad/Team Green/It’s Training Camp time!

Two days from now I’ll be leaving on a plane for World Race Training Camp!!!

Maybe I should be more prepared. I haven’t tried packing much. I tried out my tent once, my gear twice. Oh well, I suppose I’ll figure things out! Training Camp will literally be my trial run—I think I’ll find out real fast if something doesn’t work right!

Here’s the deal. For those of you who have no idea what Training Camp is, I’ll try to get you up to speed.

Honestly, I don’t really know.

Did that surprise you much? 😛

But, shouldn’t they tell you exactly what to expect? Why wouldn’t they give you details? How do you know what to pack and bring? Are you camping all week? What will you you be doing?

I know. I’ve asked those questions, too. It’s hard to just not know things. I’ve heard things from other World Racers, read little tidbits here and there about things to expect, about how not to expect anything, but to be ready and available and waiting for God to show up and do big things. This blog was a great one about Training Camp.

And…I love this packing list! It’s lengthy but oh-so-helpful!

So it’s not like I’m not receiving help. We’re given packing lists. And we have some ideas about Training Camp. I’ve spent so much time reading (ahem, stalking) other World Racers’ blogs about Training Camp. And I’ve learned some things, enough to have a few expectations about what it will be like, but not enough to have any real idea what this next week will be like. It’s the huge, illusive thing that everyone talks about as so life-changing, amazing, breaking, transforming, yet no one actually tells you a ton about it.

But I’ll say this.
The World Race staff purposefully keeps us Racers in the dark because they want the Training Camp experience to be exactly that, training camp.
Think of it as something like basic training for the military.
Not THAT hard core, but still.
They’re training us in.
They’re NOT going to reveal their secrets for anything.
They want each World Racer to have the same experience.
To grow in huge ways and build those faith muscles.
Be stretched, be broken, be healed and refreshed and restored.
Be commissioned and equipped to go out into the world and shine Jesus’ love.

Some little details slip out here and there, but the big stuff remains a looming question mark.
What will this be like?
I won’t lie, it’s a little intimidating. I like to know details.
I’m a researcher, but I’m also a bit compulsive. Part of me really, really wants to know everything right now, and part of me is okay with waiting and not knowing.

There are scenarios they’ll put us in to show us what life on the Race could look like.
Flexibility is key.
They’ll walk us through the different cultures we’re going to experience.
We’ll eat strange foods. Yaaaaaaay. I can only imagine what that means!
We’ll set up our tents, we’ll sleep under the stars, and if what I’ve heard is true, we may even squish all of us onto a bus for one night’s sleep.
It will be interesting 🙂

Am I ready? Are you kidding? I don’t think I’ll ever be ready. But I’m still going!
What are my emotions? Quite literally all over the place. You’d laugh if you knew how much that is the truth. Like a boomerang!

Here I am.
A future World Racer.
About to really, truly find out what this World Race thing is all about.
Only a couple more days to go!

I’m through-the-roof excited … I FINALLY get to start putting action into where my heart has been leading me for so long, since last July 2011, being accepted in December, and going through the fundraising process.

I guess I don’t really know what the purpose of this blog is.

I’m waiting in anticipation, knowing God is going to MOVE.
I’m eagerly expecting big things.
I know I’m going to click with my fellow J Squaders and that we’re going to get along. I just know it.
Mainly because I know without a doubt (it’s becoming evident, even though we haven’t met yet) that God has hand-picked each of us to be on J Squad.
It’s amazing. I don’t know how He does it. I’m always so amazed at how perfectly God orchestrates everything.

God very obviously has a plan.
It doesn’t mean the road won’t be rocky and full of boulders and sudden drop-offs and steep hills.
The thing I’ve realized is that life is an adventure.
God created us to be ALIVE.

I know that this is something that makes me come alive.
I’m getting really, really excited.
The pessimist inside of me tells me to tone down the excitement a little, because I’ll just be disappointed and get hurt like I always do when I expect huge things and get let down.

Maybe my expectations will be broken. In fact, that wouldn’t surprise me at all.
But I have to be excited about this.
I need to absolutely expect HUGE things.

Because God is bigger and grander and more magnificent and awesome than we could ever imagine.

He has the best in store for me and for you.

Starting Saturday morning, I’m stepping into my dream. First I’ll set foot in the airport in Minneapolis, and then Atlanta, and then I’ll get to see the actual faces (in person!) of the people I’ve been talking to on Facebook for months now!

It’s going to become a whole lot more real.

I have a hard time even comprehending that right now.
I know it’s going to be hard.
I know I’m going to hate it at some point.
I know I’ll be frustrated and annoyed and tired and ornery and sweaty and just want to stop.
But I also know it’s going to be beautiful.

This is forward progress. I’m stepping out. I’m moving. Going.

I don’t ever want to stop what God wants to do in my life.
I want Him to use me, to mold me, to break me, to refresh me.
I need more and more and more of Jesus!

I’m SO excited to see what adventure He has in store for this next year! 🙂

Time to start reppin’ the letter J with all I have and wearing as much GREEN as possible, because that’s our squad color!

[Sidenote: J is my favorite letter in the alphabet and Green is one of my favorite colors. Can you say confirmation yet again that this is where I’m supposed to be? Hehe…it’s silly, but hey, God has an awesome sense of humor, AND He likes to use the little things :)]

It’s GO TIME! Let’s do this, J Squad!

Your thoughts would look GOOD here :)