In a year from now…

…it’s hard to believe that in a year from now I’ll be somewhere else than here. And the ‘here’ that is so familiar today will feel so very far away.

This time next year, I’ll be entering my tenth month on the World Race. I’ll be almost home.

If my route doesn’t change, I’ll be leaving Moldova and entering Romania.

I’ll hear greetings of “La Multi Ani!” which is Romanian, of course, for Happy Birthday 🙂

Crazy, isn’t it?!?!

It’s funny when you look so far ahead and try to imagine what it will be like.
How much will I have changed?
How will God have moved?
Who will I have held in my arms?
Who will be my team? My closest friends on the Race?
What will all of that look like?

It’s so complex. There’s no way to know.

The only guarantee is that I will have grown, and I have a hunch that the ‘me’ next year will be drastically different than the ‘me’ right now.

Excited? Yes.
Nervous? Of course.
Trusting that God’s got this? Absolutely.
It’s getting down to crunch time, peeps! My countdown says 37 days ’til Training Camp and 86 days ’til Launch time!

This new 25th year of life is going to be filled with lots of crazy awesomeness!
Oh and by the way, I had a FANTASTIC birthday yesterday. Wonderful, relaxing, low-key…God definitely knows what I needed! Some more celebrating to come, I’m sure, but it was a wonderful day 🙂
Thank you for following me on this journey – you each bless me so much!


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