I watched her arm grow!

As we stand together at the barbecue that Hutch has yet again prepared for us…an incredible feast of perfectly seasoned chicken, burgers, and sausages (ask any World Racer at Month 11 and they’ll tell you it’s an amazing gift!)…Ashlee and I chat about our day. We’d just helped Causeway Coast Vineyard church of Coleraine, N. Ireland, put on a humongous “car boot sale,” much like a Farmer’s Market, yard or garage sale in America, but on a way more ginormous scale…we’ve been helping them prepare for days.

A group from our squad had also gone out that morning to do “healing on the streets,” a ministry that the church believes in incredibly and through which God has done mind-blowing things on the streets of Coleraine.

Eyes healed, cancer demolished, swollen lymph nodes shrinking, scars & cysts disappear, arms & legs grow to the correct sizes, muscles release, backs & necks become free from pain, etc.
The list truly could go on and on.

These are things I’ve been craving to see my whole Race.
I know they happen and I fully believe that God heals.
I don’t need to see it to believe, but it’s been honestly one of the biggest things I’ve desired to see.
I long to see God move in mighty ways, blow people’s minds, and for them to know that it had to be God to do this thing.

Here’s the deal:
I haven’t been able to be a part of this ministry, which in all honesty has been quite the disappointment. I had been apart from the squad during the time that the specific healing ministry training happened, so I wasn’t able to go along.

It’s a pretty awesome teaching…where we learn all about our authority and identity in Christ and what it looks like to walk out what He has called each of us, His children, to do.

Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons.
Freely you have received; freely give. – Matthew 10:8

Segue to now as Ashlee begins shrugging her shoulders, turns to Kate, who has been a part of the healing on the streets ministry, and asks her to check her arms. Ashlee then begins to tell us that for all her life, the fingers on her right hand have been shorter than her left. She matches up her hands to show us, and sure enough, there’s an obvious difference. One arm is slightly shorter than the other.

Kate and Chris both turn to me, knowing I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time, and say, “Hey Jess! You don’t need to have the training to do this…wanna pray for Ashlee?”

My whole body tenses up with excitement and nervousness but there was no way I was going to say no…I knew this was a God-moment!

“All you have to do is speak to the arm and the muscles with authority…and tell Ashlee who she is in Christ,” encouraged Kate and Chris…

…and I went for it.

I begin, “Ashlee! You are SO LOVED by the King of the Universe!” At this point it’s embarrassing because I’m practically shaking with adrenaline and excitement, and Kate, Chris and Ashlee are laughing at me. “I wish I could tell you how much He loves you…He is so excited for you!”

“Okay,” I pause, taking a deep breath. “In Jesus’ name, I speak the Ashlee’s right arm and I tell it to grow.”

I stop speaking because my eyes can’t quite comprehend what I’m seeing…
…immediately, just like that, her arm moves FORWARD.

That’s when it gets funny.
[God has a sense of humor!]
Her arm keeps growing.
”Um, um,” I stammer, “Don’t grow too far! Both arms need to match up.”
We’re all laughing at this point!

Kate joins me then, saying, “We speak to the muscles and ligaments in these arms, and tell them to match up and align perfectly, to go back to the way they were originally created to be.”

I add, “Both hands and thumbs also need to align and match perfectly.”
Everything moves into place.
I laugh, a bit breathless.
I can’t believe this is happening.
It doesn’t feel real, but it’s really, really obvious.

God is incredible.

Right before my eyes, He just grew Ashlee’s arm.

They’re now the perfect match.

Kate and Chris are giggling, I am jumping and laughing, and Ashlee is staring in stunned amazement at her hands that, where they used to be different sizes, are now the same.

God just did that. He is SO COOL!

He’s in the littlest things, and He knows exactly what each of us needs. He knew how much I needed that…and whoa…I want to pray over everyone now! It’s crazy! He is AMAZING.

This moment of faith turned into something so simple, so gentle, so easy.
That’s the God I believe in.
What an amazing God I serve! 🙂


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