Haiti: Crazy Mixed Up.

Our stay here has been quite the mixture of good versus bad, hate versus love.
It’s all mixed up here.

Perhaps it’s the fact that I’m constantly sweating, despite the fact that I don’t feel hot anymore, which must mean that my body is adjusting to the heat, yet hasn’t adjusted the amount of sweat it desires to expel from my pores.

Perhaps it’s the fact that I get to sleep on the rooftop, cooling my body at nighttime with a delightful breeze as I gaze up at the moon, stars, and strobe-light heat lightning, until I get chased off the roof as lightning strikes close by and everyone freaks out for 5 minutes as we clamber down the ladder thinking we’re under attack for a split second.

Perhaps it’s the sound of worship and crazy Holy Spirit prayer warrior shouting that we hear almost every night as it arises from the surrounding neighborhoods, only to be battled by drums, chants, and gunshots from the opposite direction. Voodoo and darkness is present here, this much is obvious, yet God’s presence is also extremely evident.

There’s a very real physical battle that we see and hear every day,
as well as one not-so-physical, the one we absolutely sense every night as we pray prayers of protection, peace, and for the power of God to prevail over our house and the country of Haiti.

Perhaps it’s the sweet, precious children who run up to us every day and the little ones who run out of their doors as we pass by, jumping up and down in obvious glee with huge grins on their faces as they shout “Blanc! Blanc! Blanc!” over and over again. It’s hilarious. Yet those same cute children, once they have our attention, turn their faces to our bracelets and watches and water bottles, trying to get them off our wrists and away from our grasp. It breaks my heart and makes me mad at the same time.

Or perhaps it’s the people we meet on the street, the road-side stands we stop at for a bottle of Coke or some cookies…who we greet with big smiles and converse with in broken English and French…and while we make our purchases, a crowd grows around the white girls and our arms are tapped constantly, people picking up things from the stand and asking us to pay for them. It takes all my resolve to simply ignore this, to not respond in anger or frustration, but to make my purchase as quickly as possibly, hide my money and make my escape.

I wish this wasn’t the case. I wish I had all the money in the world to give. Yet I also wish that the people here didn’t see me as someone who they can simply “get something from,” but as someone who loves them and cares for them and their souls…who is there for them, not to give them things.

It’s crazy learning the history of this land…how in order to get their freedom, the leaders dedicated the country to an evil spirit. No wonder this land seems cursed. It’s the huge earthquakes, and the fact that hurricane after hurricane somehow misses the Dominican Republic (which is on the same island) yet hits Haiti every time. It’s the land, how dusty, dry, and infertile it is. It’s not cared for, and neither are the people, many of them barely sustaining life. Many things are not how they should be.

It’s really mixed up. Please join us in praying for healing for this land.

In the name of Jesus, we claim Haiti as HEALED, WHOLE, RENEWED. Jesus, You reign here. At the name of Jesus, darkness FLEES. This is truth, and we are rejoicing and claiming this for Haiti. Evil has to flee, because its stronghold on Haiti is slipping away. Jesus in HERE. Haiti, be HEALED. In Jesus’ name, AMEN.

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