God Loves and Adores Me

God Loves and Adores Me – GLAM night!
Last night I got the chance to speak at a K-5th grade girls night that my church holds every week. It’s called GLAM…and until last night I had never gotten a chance to see what they do there, but since I was asked to speak to the girls about The World Race, I got to be there, and it is fun! It’s like a mini Chick Night (my church’s women’s night)! 🙂From jesseischens.theworldrace.orgWhile I will admit that I was a lot more nervous and stressed out than I needed to be, God was in it and I made it through 15 whole minutes of speaking! It was super good and now I am so glad I did it. God pushed me to do it…He placed it in my lap without me ever asking about it, so that’s why right away I knew I was supposed to do it.

(p.s…These girls are rockstars…they’re raising money for me for the whole month of April! How amazing is God, that He is using these beautiful girls? I’m so overwhelmed and so grateful!)

By speaking to these precious GLAM girls, God really solidified some things in me.

First thing first — “It’s NOT about me.” Shocker. But seriously.
I can get so wrapped up in myself and focused on my wants and my needs and my fears and anxieties that everything else seems to dim. But it doesn’t have to be that way. God’s love is stronger.

I learned that God is trustworthy despite my feelings or lack of them. That I can rely on Him and what I know to be true about Him even when everything else in me wants to doubt.

I learned that it’s all about Jesus. Well…I knew this before, but like I said, it solidified in me.

My desire for The World Race is simply, wholly to share and shine the love of Jesus with people all around the world and right beside me who don’t know Him and don’t know who He is. I want them to know how much He loves them — He loves them SO MUCH that He died for them to save them! Wow…what love that is! And I want everyone to know that encouraging, healing, wonderful love that only comes from Him.

The GLAM girls are memorizing Matthew 28:19 this week. This is super cool because I love this verse. Jesus tells His disciples to GO into the world.


“Therefore, GO and make disciples of ALL nations,
baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”


Wow. I just love this verse. If anything screams out God’s love for the nations, this is it! This is something that I spoke to the girls, because it comes straight from the heart of God. This verse tells of how much God wants every person from every country and every people group and every language all around the world to know how much He LOVES them and sent His Son Jesus to die for them so that they could be saved and live in heaven with Him forever! This is amazing. My prayer is that some of the sweet girls were able to grab a hold of this and understand this.

So GREAT is God’s love for us!

I also re-remembered my previous mission trips and how those have led up until now. First just a cool trip…eye-opening…then slowly but surely after each trip sparking a passion for missions and to show God’s love. Seriously, if all I do for 11 months is hold children who just need love, then that will be totally worth it.

I remembered that I’ve known, or had a sneaking suspicion, for a very long time that God was going to lead me into this. Missions makes me come alive. I want my focus to all be on You, Jesus!

I forgot what it was like to be a little girl…to listen in amazement to girls older than me and hold them in such high esteem and want to be just like them. This is humbling, to get this chance to be that for the GLAM girls.

They are God’s sweet, precious princesses.

From jesseischens.theworldrace.org
They are so perfect and such a treasure to Him. I got a glimpse into His great love for them last night — this same love that He wants each one of us to shine to His beautiful, precious children all around the world.God gave me a chance to speak into these precious girls’ lives. Thank you, God, for giving me that opportunity. You pushed me to do it, you were with me through it all, and I’m grateful.

I’m praying today that they know how much God loves them. That they get more excited and interested in missions and sharing Jesus’ love with those around them.

God is moving in River Valley Church. These girls are going to be the next generation raised up to GO, take Jesus’ hand, and follow Him. That’s what He’s asked me to do, and I’m gladly doing it, knowing it’s going be hard and an adventure and it will be crazy and hard and frustrating at times, but I also know that God is in it, He is with me, it will be rewarding too…it will be growing and challenging and that He will be with me every step of the way.

Just one more thing. There’s something about speaking out loud that reinforces, affirms, solidifies, embeds itself within each of us. I can know my story inside out, but when I tell it, even though I’ve already lived it out, it’s as if I understand it and see it in a whole new way. The same goes for God’s love for us. Say it out loud! Seriously!

That’s why I love what GLAM stands for: “God Loves and Adores Me.” I asked the girls what GLAM meant, and as they shouted it back at me together from their seats, I knew that even if they didn’t know it yet, they were reaffirming that truth within themselves.
Say it. Out loud. Right now.

God loves and adores me.
Because it’s true. He does. With everything He has, He loves you! Oh how He loves you!

Thank you all for reading this blog, for following me, for supporting me, for praying for me. You’re all amazing.

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