God is a Gentleman

My team and I had one of our “Ask the Lord” feedbacks last night, where we do pretty much what it sounds like: Ask the Lord for what He has to say to each of us, how He wants us to grow, etc.

Backstory: I’ve found myself thinking and wondering a lot about my future these past few weeks. Mostly because I have realized that I have honestly no idea what I’m going to do when I get home. And I think that’s been unintentionally a topic of conversation very often. I don’t really want it to be…I want to focus on each day as it comes, but it’s so easy to forget.

So last night my team and I gathered together on the green grass just outside our home…getting to spend some rare time together since we’re pretty scattered in ministry this month.

Becky, one of our squad leaders and one of my great friends, joined us for team time. We had just had a wonderful coffee date in the morning, and after our conversation, she told me that she felt the Lord had some things to say. Mainly about Him wanting me to trust Him to open the doors of my future for me…because He’s a gentleman and He loves to do that.

This morning, as I soak up some quiet time, these are the words I’m hearing:

Rest your head on My shoulder, My Love.
Rest in Me.
I will carry your burdens if you will let me.
Stop taking them back.
I designed you to be carefree.
I hate it when you carry things you shouldn’t…because I know what could be.
I know what WILL BE.
Let Me romance you.
I will open the doors for you.
You are ABLE, because I have created you that way.
But I still want to open the doors Myself.
For you.
Look to Me today. Watch. Listen.
Smile when you see Me at work…you’ll know.
I’m not a secret…not something well kept.
I’m the best surprise, and I’m in the business of surprising YOU.
You desire your future to be this grand, awesome thing that you’ll suddenly know.
It’s going to be even better than you’ve dreamed, but it won’t happen as you expect.
Stop waiting.
Start living.
Soak Me in every moment you’re awake.
Don’t focus on the little things that annoy your human flesh.
Look to Me…because when you really look to Me, all else disappears.
I’ll show you what is really important.
I have your best in store.
I’m excited, Love.
Today is going to be a great day 🙂


From jesseischens.theworldrace.org

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