Funny moments of re-entry

I’ve had so many moments lately that take me immediately back to a specific experience on the Race.

So many “Oh! This reminds me! Let me tell you about…” or moments where memories will randomly pop into my head and I’ll start laughing, and then need to explain to those around me why I just randomly busted out in laughter. From

Like this song from N. Ireland VBS at Causeway Coast Vineyard…“Waking up on a summer morning what to do…DESTINY!” The moments where none of us knew the words or knew what we were doing…but we pretended like we did because that’s what you do when you’re a missionary. You do a lot of pretending like you know what’s going on…but really you just get very, very good at going with the flow and being ready for anything, no matter how silly you look or how funny it is in the moment 🙂


Or while watching an episode of Monk the other night with my parents, he walks into a doctor’s office where a girl is sitting, ferociously itching, and I blurt out, “Hehe…remind me to tell you about the Doctor’s Office skit we did in Transnistria…” which was really hilarious…but it’s much funnier to watch than to hear it described. 😛


The fact that Jesus = the ultimate superhero has been mentioned in both of the sermons at my church that I’ve attended since I’ve been home is hysterical.

It’s TRUTH…but if you would have been there in Transnistria for those 2 full weeks of English Summer Camp…followed by 1 week of VBS in Ireland, you would soon realize that I have been hearing songs and messages related to this theme for well over a month and the fact that I’m still hearing it at home is hilarious to me :).

I sat there giggling in church the first Sunday until my mom elbowed me and I had to cover my mouth and twitch the rest of the service in order to cope with it From

“Jesus, you’re my superhero, you’re my star, my best friend!”


These are moments that can be described so those around you can understand and maybe they’ll think it’s funny…but mostly I’ve found myself laughing because it’s hilarious, to which I get the pity laughs because no one else was there, so they can’t really get it.

And it’s okay. I shared these moments with my teammates and my squad. Everyone else doesn’t have to understand. They do a very good job of trying, and most everyone is interested to hear…but it’s just something funny I’ve been experiencing lately.

Just another part of re-entry, I guess!

Hopefully these funny moments to me have been slightly funny to you From

I haven’t had any huge slip-up moments yet where I speak to someone in a different language or do something completely abnormal…but I have definitely been completely overwhelmed by my closet, large crowds, my room, and I’ve also had a lot of sticker shock coming home to American prices. It’s all a part of re-entry. No big malls yet…don’t think I can quite handle that experience.

Lately I’ve just been trying to laugh at myself, because that makes everything better. Definitely relying on all of the Lord’s strength to get me through this transition period, but it has been incredibly wonderful. My friends, family, and church are the best.

Stay tuned for my next blog, where I’ll highlight some of the awesome things God did throughout my 11 months on the World Race.

Love y’all!


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