Expectations of my expectations

I’m getting very, VERY excited. As I read more of my fellow World Racers’ blogs (wow…that felt weird to say!)…I see the places and the people and the panoramas…the travel, the adventures, the silly fun, all wrapped up in God revealing Himself in incredible ways…wow. It gives me the chills. And I tell myself, “That’s what I’ll be doing in 9 months. I’m going to do that!” And I can’t help but smile and then take a huge, deep breath of disbelief, excitement, and not just a little fear of the unknown.

My expectations for the World Race will undoubtedly be shattered. But I can’t help but have them. So, without further ado, my list, in nice, neat, bulleted form.

I expect:

  • To be scared and intimidated at first, then to realize God had my back all along and it wasn’t as bad or as scary as it seemed
  • To be out of my comfort zone and not at all sure what to do
  • To sit on a bus for 20 hours at a time
  • To be tired all the time, especially on travel days (I don’t sleep well on planes or buses or cars, or anything that moves, really :-P)
  • To make new, lifelong friends
  • To really, really miss my “old” friends
  • To ride an elephant in Thailand
  • To be homesick
  • To miss at least one engagement and wedding and birth of a baby while I’m gone
  • That I will be changed
  • To grow in crazy ways that I never thought possible
  • To have the Holy Spirit fill me and work in and through me
  • To hold precious, beautiful children
  • To swim in the ocean
  • To get sunburned
  • To preach and be scared out of my wits with nothing to say because I hate public speaking
  • To probably have diarrhea (haha! This is just a fact of travel in general)
  • That God will show up
  • That He will confirm my life calling
  • That He will equip me
  • That I will grow in confidence
  • That I can’t do anything on my own
  • That I will feel helpless and broken
  • To learn to love as He loves
  • To be sweaty and red-faced all the time
  • To eat rice a majority of the time
  • To have at least one mango shake in Thailand and Vietnam (because they’re heavenly)
  • To somehow find coffee everywhere we go on the Race, because it’s a necessity
  • To be broken of my expectations
  • To have nothing left to give
  • To drink warm beverages all of the time, including water, because the rest of the world doesn’t do ice 🙂
  • To laugh randomly and giggle endlessly at everything, because that’s just what I do
  • To be surprised
  • To fall in love with every country and people and place, despite initial feelings/frustrations/barriers

All in all, I’m not sure what I expect. It’s all jumbled together. But I do know that I have expectations, and no matter how hard I try not to have them, there will be some time when I will be stretched beyond imagination because of an expectation I had that was broken and I won’t be okay with it and won’t see it coming. I know this is where the love of my teammates and the grace of God comes in.

That’s one more thing. Since I’ve read all of these World Race blogs, and have now begun my own, I’ve realized something. God shows up in miraculous ways, ways that could only be from Him. You will probably see me blogging regularly about that. There’s another expectation for ya. And one more: I expect to be loved like crazy by my teammates, by the strangers I’m put together with that I will form incredible bonds with, because that’s how it works, and that’s how crazy awesome it is when God orchestrates bringing strangers together. I expect it, because I’ve seen it happen time and time again, and it’s amazing.

Your thoughts would look GOOD here :)