Elephant rides, ants and route changes!

When we first arrived here in Thailand and were informed that we would get to go to an elephant park, my heart leapt in excitement because I could only remember how much fun I had a few years ago 🙂

Needless to say, it was just as fun as I remembered, and equally as hilarious because I got to share it with this girl…my sweet team leader Annie…and listen to her little squeals as the elephant lumbered along and she attempted to stay in our lofty seat while snapping a million pictures a minute and gasping at every thing “elephant.”

From jesseischens.theworldrace.org

Our team had quite a bit of fun, and afterwards, we ate lunch at a beautiful orchid orchard. It was a wonderful day off.

From jesseischens.theworldrace.org

As you well know, it was last week when I discovered the termites in my tent. You’d think that would be the end of the tale…but alas…it was not to be. Yesterday I pretty much had a meltdown in front of my team, all because I had relocated my tent, patched it up with duct tape (durably I assumed) and re-situated all of my stuff accordingly.

I finally had my own space back. Or so I thought. The next afternoon I returned to find a stream of teensy-weeny ants invading my tent again. Thus I proceeded to have my meltdown, to which my teammates, tired as they were, graciously helped me transplant all of my stuff into Bud’s house and Amber and Amanda’s tents.

It’s definitely getting old, but it’s yet another learning experience. The Lord is teaching me a lot about myself and what I can handle this month, plus I’m learning how to have peace and joy through anything, which takes a lot of learning.

This leads me to another change that took us all by surprise. We’ve had a route change.

Next month, instead of going to Cambodia, we’ll be spending Christmas in Malaysia!

I have no idea yet why our route changed, or how it will affect the rest of the countries on my Race, or even what ministries we’ll be working with there, but I do know that Jesus is fully orchestrating our route and that He has a distinct plan for me, my team and my squad.

I’m excited for what He has in store for us in Malaysia.

Meanwhile, we have a little less than a week here in Thailand. I’ve seen 1 of my sweet missionary friends here (we had an amazing couple hours together), and have a few others to meet up with before we depart.

Our anticipated travel plans consist of traveling 22 hours via bus to Phuket to meet up with our squad for a day or two (pray we get to see the lantern festival while we’re there, which would be a dream come true for me!), and then head onward to Kuala Lumpur on Dec 1.

P.S. I still need $1,446.11 in order to be fully funded for the rest of my Race! I need to raise this amount by March, so I’d be so honored and humbled for you to join me and support me on this crazy, amazing journey that God has called me on.

Your thoughts would look GOOD here :)