I need You

I’ve been struggling a lot lately because…
…I think I’ve been realizing over and over how much

And it drives me nuts, because the ME inside of me just wants to handle things on its own.
But the Spirit inside of me…
that looking to Jesus is best.

But this is not easy.
It’s really really hard.
Because this comes with trusting God…
…to speak through me…
…when I have NOTHING.

Sometimes I wonder what others see in me
because it’s hard for myself to see ME the way they do…
(I know this is a lie by the way, but still…)

Every time I speak I see ME struggle to be confident
the struggle to cover up my insecurity
the struggle to put it in Jesus’ hands
…but why is this so much easier said than done?
I hate that phrase.
Because it’s true.

Public speaking, even to kids, is nerve-wracking.
Yet this is what God has put in my lap without
even me asking.
To tell of His love and speak of my heart for missions to the precious children who are rising up in the new generation to GO.

Lord, please speak through me.
Please give me wisdom beyond my years,
yet wisdom as a child,
to speak life, love, passion, of You and Your mission to rescue the world
and show them how much You love them….

I need You. Desperately.
I can’t do this on my own.
You bring life, your words sustain and renew.
I feel dry right now.
I need You.
Come, fill me so I can pour Your living water into others.

I can’t believe I’m doing this most of the time…
…the World Race thing.
It messes with your mind, because it’s there constantly!
Like whoa.

Lord, all I can say is…
I need You.

Big dreams & a big God

It’s so crazy to think that I’m going on the World Race in September. I keep reading the World Race blogs, and I have to keep reminding myself that they’re my fellow World Racers now, even if we haven’t met yet. And I can’t stop from thinking about it 24/7. It’s constantly on my mind.

I can’t help but to keep dreaming big. God has huge plans for us. My mom and I were talking about this, this dreaming. It’s incredible to think that God, who is GOD, loves to bless us, wants to give us the desires of our hearts. And that He WILL provide and He loves to do it in unexpected ways. (I’ve been finding this out like crazy…seriously…God is incredible, and I’m just getting started on my journey! He just keeps blowing me away with His provision. He is in this. I’m in awe.)

So when we think Wouldn’t it be fun if…? What about this? Or how about that? How cool would that be…? Those thoughts, He actually wants to give us those things? It gets me excited, and overwhelmed, all at the same time.

Because then I start to realize that my dreams aren’t big enough. I’m really not even beginning to scratch the surface of all God has for me. This includes you, too. Have you dared to dream bigger than yourself? It makes sense that if your dream is something you can see yourself doing easily, then it’s not really a dream. A dream is something so much bigger than ourselves that we can’t do it without God. It’s just that simple.

Keep stepping out, moving forward, dreaming big. God has HUGE plans for you. And when He calls you, He WILL provide. Trust Him. It’s stretching. It’s scary. It’s huge. But it’s worth it. Completely, totally worth it.

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