An all-around workout

It’s funny how the Lord is beginning to really change things up in my life.
For the past week, He’s been getting me up at 6am every morning to work out.
(Not just any workout, but Insanity 😛 It’s intense. )

This is so not me.
At least it’s not who I was.

I’ve never been a morning person.
And it’s weird, but I think I’m starting to become one.
This World Race sure has shaken me up and forced me to change in many ways.
It’s really hard and it honestly sucks a lot of the time. 🙂
But as I’m emerging on the flipside—8 months in and counting on this World Race journey—I’m finding that my perspective is changing.
I am beginning to love mornings.
Sure, it’s still a bit tough to roll out of my bunk bed as the sun rises…but I absolutely can’t wait to go spend time with Jesus.

I told the Lord that if He wanted me to do this workout, He’d have to wake me up on time in the mornings.
I don’t set an alarm.
I won’t lie…it has been a bit of a test. Some nights I’ve even stayed up later than my bedtime (missionary midnight is 8:30/9pm!) just to see if He would wake me up the next day even when I am really tired.

It’s like clockwork.
Every morning, I find myself waking up just before 6am.
The workout begins at 6:30am.

One week into this thing, and I realizing: the Lord really is waking me up each morning.
It’s crazy.
Every morning I wake up, check my watch, laugh, and know He wants me to do this. 🙂

It’s sounds silly and hey, it probably sounds a bit weird, too, if not hilarious.
But it’s the truth.

God is really funny sometimes! He’s slowly making me more and more radical 🙂

So far, Swaziland has been a great month of growth for me. It’s a month of growing spiritually and physically, as well as in trust and faith. It’s a month of literally resting in the Lord and letting Him provide the ideas, provide the way, provide the strength in everything.

Every day that goes by here is such a blessing. I have to pinch myself, because I never want to get used to the beauty of this place.

This is one of those places that I know I’ll look back on after the Race is finished and wish I could transport myself back here. It’s a little taste of heaven on earth.

Let’s do this, Lord. I want MORE of You, and I want to grow MORE. Thanks for pushing and pulling me and always leading me into more of You.

Trust Him today. He loves you and cares for you! Let’s get radical together! 🙂

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