A new year means new responsibilities!

This New Year marks the end of quite the crazy year. In 2012, I had just been accepted to The World Race and was beginning to send out my support letters. I informed my workplace that I would be leaving in September, and it all felt so surreal. In July I went to training camp, and was placed into the position of treasurer, which was a huge stretch for me because it meant I’d be in charge of my team’s finances.

The responsibility tends to morph and change each month, depending on each country’s currency and development status, as well as the ministry environment that we’re in that month.

The Lord has really grown me during these past 4 months, and I discovered that I can keep track of my team’s finances and do it well with His help. Plus, I have experienced a new level of grace from my teammates that has enabled me to become confident in the voice and abilities that God has given to me.

Just as I feel like I’m getting a handle on it, and getting used to it, the Lord changes things up. He really does like to challenge me!

I’ve been asked to step up as a Logistics Leader for the whole squad, which means that I, along with 2 others, will be in charge of getting all 60 people on J Squad from Point A to Point B on travel days. How crazy is that?!

I’d appreciate prayers as I transition into this new role and responsibility!

This month in Cambodia, my team is joining another all-girls team and a couple other girls for “womanistry.” This is a month on the Race when the guys and gals split up for some good “man time” and “woman time.” For my team, it won’t mean much of a change since we’re used to just having women around, but for some of the girls joining us, it’ll be their first chance to have some solid girl time for an entire month.

From what we’ve been told, it sounds like we’ll be experiencing another barebones month without electricity or running water. This means most likely no access to internet, and we might even be coming back to Phnom Penh every week or two to shower on our off days. 🙂 It sounds rough, but we’ve already been through a lot and I know the Lord will continue to break us of anything we’re holding onto and help us to learn in even more ways how to rely on Him in any and every situation.

P.S. My squad leader Erin is heading home, but she has been so kind in lending me her sleeping pad for the remaining 7 months. You’re the best, girlie. Thank you SO much!

The Lord provides!


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