A constant phase of laughter

Crazy how this time is flying by! I have a few countdowns on my phone which officially tell me that I have 21 days til my 25th birthday, 59 days til Training Camp, and 108 days til I leave the good ol’ U.S.A. for 11 months! I feel like crazy is an understatement!

My brain is starting to go a million miles a minute, and I have to tell myself to slow down and take things one at a time. It’s all going to work out. Everything will get done. Enjoy right now. Whew.

I don’t think it helps that I’m planning a garage sale for this weekend (Thursday – Saturday). I’ve never been in charge of one of these before, so I’ve found myself just standing around sometimes asking myself, “Wait, what do I need to do again?” 😛 It’s kind of funny but seriously true. I’m doing the best I know how to do, and we’ll see how it goes! Lots of my friends and fam are donating clothes and other items (even some big furniture) for my sale, which is amazing! I’m so incredibly grateful! I also want to make some puppy chow (and my mom is going to make caramel rolls…trust me, you want one, they’re an Eischens’ specialty!), and have a jar out for people to donate if they don’t find anything they want to buy.

I have a lot of signs to make! Oh the to-do list! “One thing at a time………”

As I’ve been going through my things, I’ve been surprised by all of the laughs I’ve had. Seriously, these past few days (especially last night!) I have laughed so hard! I discovered some really old journals and photo albums…and the pictures are hysterical and so cute all at the same time 😛

Walk with me, if you will, down memory lane:

This is me, my sis, and 2 of my brothers. I wonder what we were thinking? 😛
From jesseischens.theworldrace.org

🙂 Tehehe…
From jesseischens.theworldrace.org

I absolutely love horses…and my sister and I were able to visit our uncle and aunt in Colorado one year. This is Joey, and he may have headbutted me in future years (we’re going to pretend that didn’t happen, haha!), but we were friends when this picture was taken! 😛
From jesseischens.theworldrace.org

This is Christmas on my mom’s side of the family…me and my 4 siblings, my grandparents and 3 cousins. Hehe, aren’t we adorable? 😛 I can’t stop laughing…it’s such a great picture!
From jesseischens.theworldrace.org

As I was going through all of these pictures, I came across some from one of my favorite times at Camp Shamineau one summer. I was looking through them and recognized this one girl…hmmm…”why does she look so familiar?” I wondered.

Then it dawned on me. OH. MY. GOODNESS.
She’s going on the World Race with me! And she was my camp counselor!

I’m seriously not kidding! It’s true!

Here’s proof. I’m on the left and she’s right above me. (SR2 fam, recognize Miss Shelli Kay Daniels? :-P)
From jesseischens.theworldrace.org

God is hilarious sometimes. All I can remember from that time at camp is that I thought my counselor Shelli was pretty cool. And I wanted to be just like her someday. And well…guess what…? We’re on the same World Race squad (and I didn’t put 2 and 2 together until just a day ago). How hilariously awesome is that? I guess my hope is that this doesn’t freak her out too much…! There’s definitely no coincidences when it comes to how God works everything so perfectly – it’s awesome!

So the laughing continues as God keeps on surprising me…it’s a good place to be 🙂

I’ll let you know how the garage sale goes…please come stop by if you can this weekend!

Love you all 🙂


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