A beautiful confusion

Here in Padre Las Casas, Dominican Republic, I’m sitting in an open-air gazebo in the middle of a park, joined by my teammates and some local kids who have come to join us as we soak in our technology for the day.

I see paved pathways lined with stone benches and fringed with palm trees, then cafes and small shops and houses, further surrounded by beautiful green mountains. I’m listening to the tune of blaring music, then roaring motors, then barking dogs and loudly chirping birds, in addition to a medley of broken Spanish and English as we hear a chorus of “Hola,” “Hello,” “Adios,” and “Aiyiyi, Rubia!” Plus, of course, we can’t miss the many kisses that are blown at us.

We’ve been joking that at least our self-esteem won’t suffer here, we are “very beautiful” every day! 🙂

This past week has been spent helping to teach English at a Compassion compound, and we’ll continue to do this for the rest of the month. That alone is really cool because I can only think of my sponsored child, Tin, somewhere in Thailand, and picture him doing something like this.

Every day we wake up, make coffee from a little Italian coffee maker provided to us (praise the Lord!), spend time getting ready and with the Lord, have team time, then head out to teach 1 class, after which we help the cooks serve a meal. We’ll have a siesta from around 11am-2pm, when we reconvene to teach another class and then help serve a snack.

The kids and teachers are starting to recognize us and have been so warm and welcoming. We all laugh as we try to converse in our broken Spanish, and when they learn a new word in English they get these huge grins on their faces and shout the word from the rooftops. My brain is full to the brim with trying to remember all the Spanish I can, and remember each name. Britany. Chido. Pamela. Isabela. Marcos. Willie. Jordan. The list goes on. 🙂

We are also blessed with our own apartment, with 3 bedrooms, a living room and kitchen and bathroom. However, keep in mind that the mosquitos are plentiful, the A/C is mysteriously absent, the water is off more than it is on, and we do a nice amount of sweating.

We’re tired…it’s been a long week of transition. It’s hard to believe I left for Chicago a week and a couple days ago, and I’ve already been here in Padre Las Casas for 5 days!

Please pray for health, since we’re all starting to feel exhausted, and a couple of us are a little sick. We’d also love prayer for wisdom in ministry, that we can pick up as much Spanish as possible very quickly, and that we can build relationships with these beautiful people here. Our prayer and desire is to shine Jesus’ love in any way we can. Ministry honestly happens all day long. Being a group of white American girls in a small Dominican town means that we definitely get noticed. It creates conversation and attracts people to us. Pray that we can be a joy and a witness for Jesus!

I love you all so much!!!

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