1 year ago today!

I seriously can’t believe it’s been a whole year!

1 year ago today I stumbled across The World Race.

It slapped me across the face. Literally, it really felt like that.

I blinked quite a few times and stared really hard at the computer screen as I gazed at that phrase,

“11 countries in 11 months.”


Is this real?
How have I not heard of this?
When can I go?

Seriously, those were some of my thoughts.
I sent a text to my mom that day, and I remember it because I saved it.

Thursday, July 7, 2011, 1:54pm
“I landed on a site called The World Race today. And wow…I am feeling the tug! You’ll see what I mean when you see it. Let me know what you think 🙂 It’d require me to pay off my loan and quit my job…

Haha! Hmmm. This makes me laugh! Look where I am now!!!

–> HERE <–

From jesseischens.theworldrace.org From jesseischens.theworldrace.org
                                                                  (haha, that’s a “Wow, this is really happening” face!)

So insane.

College loans paid off.
Car paid off.
2/3rds of the way toward fully funded.
Gear purchased. Or at least almost!
About to go to Training Camp and see what this World Race thing is really all about. Um, crazy.
Ready to build new relationships.
Embarking on the beginning of this new journey.
Going where God wants me to go.
It’s crazy and overwhelming when I think about the journey it’s been just getting here…and then I wonder at the possibilities of the journey to come.
Saying yes to go when God compells seems so easy, but it’s not.
It always comes with sacrifice.

Giving up all that’s familiar and trading it for what’s very likely to be uncomfortable, strange, and unknown.
Fo’ real.

Oh, I can’t help but wonder where it will take me.


From jesseischens.theworldrace.org

On this day a year ago, little did I know.
And I know I really, still, have no idea.

So strange to think about how much can change in a year.

God is crazy awesome.

1 week from today, I’ll be in Georgia.
I think God has some things to do in me there.
On July 14, J Squad is coming together as individual members and emerging on July 21 as one.
I can already feel it.

So it makes me wonder.

What will life look like in a year from today?

How much will my life have changed?

Will I look different? Feel different?

Will I mark my life from now on by July 7ths? 😛

Only God knows!
I guess right now, I should just focus on today, and we’ll go from here and see what happens.
One thing I know. God has blessed me with absolutely incredible friendships. In one sense it feels like I’m losing them for a year, which is true, but then again, I know that I have the type of friends who are here for me no matter what. That is nothing short of amazing, and I’m so grateful.

From jesseischens.theworldrace.org


From jesseischens.theworldrace.org

Friendships are such an incredible blessing. Wow. And to think, I get to gain even more in 1 week!

We’ll see what God has in store for the next July 7th 🙂

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